Hemofarm Foundation: The most important call of your life

In Serbia, approximately one thousand people have been waiting for the most important call in life for years: the one informing them an organ transplant for them has been found. Due to a small number of donors, most of them will not live long enough to get a transplant.

Hemofarm Foundation decided to run a campaign to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and reach a national consensus on the need for passing a new legislation ib organ donation. The campaign was titled “The most important call in life.”

With this campaign, we wanted to show how people who have been waiting for the most important call feel and put citizens in their shoes for a moment. After the first phase of the campaign, which introduced general public to a number of people who have been on the waiting list for years via TV, print, OOH, social media and radio, we organized a major event in partnership with telephone operators. On June 6th, thousands of people in Serbia received a call from an unknown number. When they answered the phone, they were able to hear an automatic message informing them about the problem of organ donation. The message was read out by the people whom the public had recognized as the faces of campaign.

In order to boost the campaign and raise awarness, June 6th was declared the National Day of the Donors. This way, the problem of organ donation, but also day-to-day problems of people waiting for transplantation, will remain in the public limelight throughout the whole year.

It does matter when babies are coming

We wanted to represent Nectar Family as the ultimate family brand, ready and willing to do anything for a better future for families. The “It does matter when babies are coming” campaign dealt with the problem of a steady population decline in Serbia, something the country has been battling for decades with little or no success.

Our campaign was based on a simple, yet very important question: What is the most important moment in every family's life? We wanted to find that moment which offers so much happiness that it can never be equaled by anything else in the world. We found it in the birth of a child, or to be more precise, in the moment when family finds out that they will be welcoming a new member.

A national CSR campaign was launched with the aim to not only support family values and encourage family expansion, but also help those who face difficulties trying to have kids. That is why the brand pledged to donate 1 RSD to the department for artificial insemination of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front for every product sold the brand. The campaign was an overwhelming success and thanks to this donation, the number of couples who can now undertake in vitro fertilization has been tripled.

Second TVC

Serbian Commission for the Investigation of Murders of Journalist & OSCE - Chronicles of threats (integrated campaign)

In Serbia journalists have been under unrelenting pressure, having to deal with direct threats of violence on a regular basis. They are being intimidated in each and every way, in attempts to stop them from finding the truth and pressing the most important social issues. Journalists are being killed and the murders remain unresolved for 20 years. While journalists live in fear, murderers lead normal, everyday lives.

The idea was to break the silence by making people feel what journalists searching for the truth are experiencing daily. At the beginning of 2014, we threatened the whole country by inserting an anonymous letter into 70,000 copies of the most popular Serbian daily newspaper Blic. At the same time, a video message tied to investigative journalism threats was posted on news websites. 

The Chronicles of Threats campaign had a dramatic impact through and urged the authorities to reopen the investigations into the deaths of Serbia’s most prominent journalists from the 1990s. As a result, a 15-year-old murder case was resolved.

One Photo a Day in the Worst Year of My Life (digital)

For years, domestic violence had been on a steady rise in Serbia. In 2012, every third woman in Serbia was a victim of violence. This is one of most widespread, but veiled problems in society. Our challenge was to break silence and put this issue into public focus.

We came up with the idea to use popular YouTube format in which a person takes one photo every day for a year, but with a shocking twist. The video starts as usual with a smiling woman but soon signs of violence appear. In final frame she holds a sign: “Help me, I do not know if I will survive until tomorrow.”

“One photo a day in the worst year of my life” immediately went viral. In less than a week video hit 3 million views and was featured in top 5 videos on YouTube. Individual cry for help became universal call for action. All local and hundreds of international media published the news and tried to unveil the identity of the mysterious girl. Number of media impressions in the first week exceeded 45 million. Most importantly, media exposed alarming statistics in their own countries, thus raising awareness and starting conversations on a global scale. The campaign resulted in bringing the issue of domestic violence back on the national agenda. Also, two new shelters for women were opened.

Viral video on YouTube

B92 fund - Battle for the Babies (integrated campaign)

In 2010, the lack and obsolesence of incubators and basic prenatal care for the new-borns was one of the biggest issue in Serbia. Death rate for prematurely born babies exceeded 60%. Our challenge was to raise awareness and create public pressure on companies with the capacity to help collect donations for 100 incubators.

We mobilized people in Serbia behind a humanitarian movement called “Battle for the Babies” and made them an integral part of the battle. They were able to choose their service branch on-line and join the fight by spreading message on-line, voting and sharing stories, organizing events. People became our voice.

More than 1 million people joined this heroic battle and put pressure on 882 companies. Campaign raised funds for 207 incubators, amounting to more than 2.500.000€ covering the needs of the entire country. The Institute of Neonatology, the biggest neonatal unit in the country, announced progress. According to the annual medical report for first halves of 2011 and 2012 (only 6 months after the campaign), the mortality rate of newborns with the birth weight under 1000 grams has decreased from 56,86% to 37,29%! This presents our main effectiveness indicator and the most important outcome of the biggest battle for life that took place in Serbia.

Every newspaper, TV and radio station in Serbia engaged in the battle. Media reach was over 85% of total population. Campaign generated 420.000€ worth of free media and 1.700.000€ of PR. Total campaign expenses 18.000 €. Total media budget 0 €.

All contributing companies and individuals were rewarded with a medal of honor, signifying the invaluable contribution they made to the lives of others. The closing ceremony “Victory Day” was held on World Prematurity Day in Serbian Parliament. The event was broadcasted live on national television. President of Serbia declared 2012 the Year of Babies.