B92 fund - Battle for the Babies (integrated campaign)

In 2010, the lack and obsolesence of incubators and basic prenatal care for the new-borns was one of the biggest issue in Serbia. Death rate for prematurely born babies exceeded 60%. Our challenge was to raise awareness and create public pressure on companies with the capacity to help collect donations for 100 incubators.

We mobilized people in Serbia behind a humanitarian movement called “Battle for the Babies” and made them an integral part of the battle. They were able to choose their service branch on-line and join the fight by spreading message on-line, voting and sharing stories, organizing events. People became our voice.

More than 1 million people joined this heroic battle and put pressure on 882 companies. Campaign raised funds for 207 incubators, amounting to more than 2.500.000€ covering the needs of the entire country. The Institute of Neonatology, the biggest neonatal unit in the country, announced progress. According to the annual medical report for first halves of 2011 and 2012 (only 6 months after the campaign), the mortality rate of newborns with the birth weight under 1000 grams has decreased from 56,86% to 37,29%! This presents our main effectiveness indicator and the most important outcome of the biggest battle for life that took place in Serbia.

Every newspaper, TV and radio station in Serbia engaged in the battle. Media reach was over 85% of total population. Campaign generated 420.000€ worth of free media and 1.700.000€ of PR. Total campaign expenses 18.000 €. Total media budget 0 €.

All contributing companies and individuals were rewarded with a medal of honor, signifying the invaluable contribution they made to the lives of others. The closing ceremony “Victory Day” was held on World Prematurity Day in Serbian Parliament. The event was broadcasted live on national television. President of Serbia declared 2012 the Year of Babies.