Booster energy drink

Our task was to develop strategic foundation for continuous brand development and devise a creative platform that will be distinctive and provide for different types of execution. Our target group, the "millennials”, called for a different communication approach: brave, quirky and leaning towards the absurd, something millennials could really relate to.

We decided to create a brand character, or, even better, a whole bunch of characters, a new species. Enter Glorious Boosterds. They are funny little monsters, full of energy, with wacky laughs. For Glorious Boosterds, it’s 24/7 party time, no matter when or where! Glorious Boosterds convey the message that Booster energy drink brings energy, boosts good mood and turns up the fun anyplace, anytime.

This stand-out platform has seen resounding success over the years, resulting in numerous effective campaigns and executions.

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