It does matter when babies are coming

We wanted to represent Nectar Family as the ultimate family brand, ready and willing to do anything for a better future for families. The “It does matter when babies are coming” campaign dealt with the problem of a steady population decline in Serbia, something the country has been battling for decades with little or no success.

Our campaign was based on a simple, yet very important question: What is the most important moment in every family's life? We wanted to find that moment which offers so much happiness that it can never be equaled by anything else in the world. We found it in the birth of a child, or to be more precise, in the moment when family finds out that they will be welcoming a new member.

A national CSR campaign was launched with the aim to not only support family values and encourage family expansion, but also help those who face difficulties trying to have kids. That is why the brand pledged to donate 1 RSD to the department for artificial insemination of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic Narodni Front for every product sold the brand. The campaign was an overwhelming success and thanks to this donation, the number of couples who can now undertake in vitro fertilization has been tripled.

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