Komercijalna bank Veteran plus – Senior Credits (integrated campaign)

Our task was to raise awareness about the new product in client’s portfolio – Senior Cash credit. Research showed that 58% of retired people were not aware that banks in Serbia had a tailor-made offer for seniors. Starting from the insight that seniors always sacrifice their needs to help fulfil the wishes of their loved ones – we created the ‘’Never say never’’ campaign.

“Never say never” tagline and TV ad is an encouragement for the elderly population to break away from deep-seated prejudices about their age. Our message to them is: It is never too late to make your dreams come true. And now they have a way to do it.

This TV commercial tells a story about two childhood friends who were separated by circumstances, with a story between them waiting to be resolved. Several decades later, one of them sets on a journey to live out his dream and bring this story to an end