Komercijalna bank - Teenage card (integrated campaign)

This campaign had two main objectives. It was supposed to further build the awareness by reminding consumers that Komercijalna bank has a card for teenagers in its portfolio of cards and strengthen the image of the Teenage card by shifting focus from rational benefits to emotional appeal.

When it comes to children-parents relationships, there is always a great gap in opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Children think parents worry too much and see danger in every situation, but also spy on them and make drama around the pocket money and night outs. On the other hand, parents believe their children tend to get into trouble, hang out with dubious people, never get anything done and spend too much money. Differences in attitudes are especially evident when it comes to money, which becomes highly emotional thing in teenager-parent relationships and often leads to small “family wars”.

To grab teenagers’ attention, we spoke to them in a language they feel they singlehandedly own – the language of movies and computer games. We came up with a TV commercial which depicts the eternal struggle between parents and children in a humorous and metaphorical way. It focuses on the problem of spending and balancing money, which is a daily topic in a typical family. The commercial parodies the conflict between parents and teenagers, where Teenage card is a means to a peaceful resolution and brings the “warring sides” to a mutual agreement.