Konzum/Idea: Kodi (integrated campaign, character design)

Nowadays, a smart purchase is more important than ever. Special offers, discounts and savings are all around us.  With a plethora of similar offers, it has become increasingly difficult to navigate and choose the right one. Konzum, Croatia’s largest supermarket chain, was no stranger to that problem.

Who could better help you with smart purchase than a friendly expert advisor? That is where Kodi jumps in. He is the grey eminence in the field of good prices and you can rely on his expertise anytime. He has recently graduated with honours, before his peers. Kodi is a tireless nerd and bookworm, but also energetic, agile, enthusiastic. Being lovable, sensitive and attentive, Kodi comes across as a perfect gentleman. However, he does not shy away from expressing emotions and thoughts and he uses his fidgety hands to help him do that. Kodi is a loyal friend, but he can be competitive too, because of his innate readiness to do anything for a good price. He is your friend for smart purchase.