Hemofarm Foundation: The most important call of your life

In Serbia, approximately one thousand people have been waiting for the most important call in life for years: the one informing them an organ transplant for them has been found. Due to a small number of donors, most of them will not live long enough to get a transplant.

Hemofarm Foundation decided to run a campaign to help raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and reach a national consensus on the need for passing a new legislation ib organ donation. The campaign was titled “The most important call in life.”

With this campaign, we wanted to show how people who have been waiting for the most important call feel and put citizens in their shoes for a moment. After the first phase of the campaign, which introduced general public to a number of people who have been on the waiting list for years via TV, print, OOH, social media and radio, we organized a major event in partnership with telephone operators. On June 6th, thousands of people in Serbia received a call from an unknown number. When they answered the phone, they were able to hear an automatic message informing them about the problem of organ donation. The message was read out by the people whom the public had recognized as the faces of campaign.

In order to boost the campaign and raise awarness, June 6th was declared the National Day of the Donors. This way, the problem of organ donation, but also day-to-day problems of people waiting for transplantation, will remain in the public limelight throughout the whole year.